Have Your Say – National Clean Air Day

Dear Sir,

Today, Thursday 8th October is National Clean Air Day. The good news is that in general pollution levels are falling across the country because we are eliminating our use of coal by using renewable energies . In towns transport remains the dominant emitter of pollution although COVID has reduced traffic volumes. Especially the volume of HGVs is an avoidable blight on our town so your special action in support should be to sign the HGV petition led by the Henley Herald. In addition there is a noticeable transition to low emission vehicles. This is making a difference. Buses, taxis, vans and SUVs are leading the way across the country with cycling and walking growing to provide excellent alternatives. Electric vehicles uptake is following the installation of multiple fast EV charge points. New build housing should also play its part in encouragement. A key indicator is the number of children using inhalers in our primary schools. Minimising the use of diesel in our town is a great objective.

Please help when you can.

Yours sincerely

David Dickie, Clean Air for Henley, St Katherines Road


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