Zzoomm Announces New Broadband Network for Hereford

After nearing the completion of the full fibre broad network in Henley, Zzoomm have announced they will start a new network build in the city of Hereford early in 2021.

This announcement follows on from Zzoomm’s recent £100m funding round secured at the end of September.

Zzoomm’s business and residential services, offer broadband speeds starting at 100Mbps and reaching up to 10Gbps to work, stream and play.

Zzoomm was founded in December 2018 by broadband industry veteran Matthew Hare in Henley.  Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive said, “The commencement of our network roll out in Hereford in the New Year marks the opening of a new exciting chapter for residents and businesses in the area. The people of Hereford have been stuck with old fashioned copper broadband for too long, and it’s now time for change. We’re going to transform their experience with Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network.

“The lockdown has accelerated the move to new working arrangements and boosted the demand for online entertainment and learning. Zzoomm has demonstrated that
Full Fibre meets the need and will catapult Hereford into one of the best connected cities in the world.”


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