New Tree Planters for Hart Street Donated by Late Henley Mayor Trust

The Anthony Lane Foundation, a trust set established in memory of former Henley Mayor, Tony Lane has offered to fund two trees in planters that would be located outside Harris + Hoole and Marc Antoni in Hart Street.

The trees (Ginkgo Bilob) would be supplied by Window Flowers who provide the hanging baskets.  The trees would have 1.5 to 2m clear stems so that walkers and motorists can see under them. The planters will be 1 metre square.

The planters would have a plaque adorned on the side with the wording to be agreed.  The initial proposal of “The planting of these trees was made possible by the Anthony
(Tony) Lane Foundation, established in the memory of Tony Lane MBE. Tony was a former mayor of Henley-on-Thames and prominent local resident who did so much for the community he served.”

The set-up costs, all met by the Anthony Lane Foundation, will be £4020, comprising £3000 for the two trees, £500 delivery, and £520 first 2 years maintenance.

The Town & Community Committee voted to accept the trees last night and trial the locations which have been agreed by Oxfordshire CC highways.  County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak confirmed that the planters could be moved to other locations if they were a problem.

  1. John Whiting says:

    The first thing to do is buy some substantial chain and secure the planters to something permanent otherwise the plants will be stolen at the first opportunity.


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