Keeping Our Town Centre Cleaner

The Town & Community Committee reviewed proposals and discussed ways of keeping the streets of Henley town centre cleaner this week.

The Forces Group, based in Henley put forward a proposal to do regular cleans throughout the year after they deep cleaned the pavements last month instead of the normal twice a year.  After the clean last month many residents commented how good the York Stone paving now looked on Facebook.   Sean Taylor from The Forces Group said they would target high footfall areas like the bus stop in Bell Street and around the bins next to Starbucks as well as tackling the chewing gum problem.  During the clean it was highlighted that some of the grouting needs to be replaced.  A quotation for this is to be sought.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett spoke about his disgust on the Starbucks seating area he had seen this week.  He asked that the Council write to Starbucks HQ who sign the lease for the outdoor seating area with the Council and state that they should keep their area clean or their license would not be renewed.

A proposal to purchase new litter bins to replace the Henley green heritage bins that were installed in the late 1990s was reviewed.  Since they’ve been installed they have been repainted and repaired several times.  Councillor David Eggleton told the committee he had surveyed all of the bins and proposed that they could all be fixed and renovated.  He said, “The outsides could be sandblasted and re-powder coated but most would probably need a new inside liner.  The committee recommended to do a renovation trial on a couple of the bins to see the results.

County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak proposed the trial of two large solar compacting bins next summer (April – September) for six months outside Starbucks on the Market Place and on Singers Park.   The cost of the bins would be funded by Stefan’s County Council grant with a contribution from The Henley Society.  The Committee were not keen on the proposal and recommended that a review of all bins should be done after the heritage bin renovation trial and be brought back to the next meeting.




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