More Supporters Sign Paper HGV Petition

Residents and visitors in the town on Saturday morning were being asked to sign a paper petition to ban HGVs who are using Henley as a ‘rat run’.  Nearly 200 signatures were added to those on the online petition started by the Herald, bringing it up to just close of 1600.  The petition target is 2,000+.

Amanda Chumas, a resident of Bell Street who is heading up the campaign with County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak was joined by neighbour Helen Gaynor and Clean Air for Henley campaigner, David Dickie.  The petition will form part of the paper presented to Oxfordshire County Council to introduce a 7.5 weight tonne limit which will only allow HGVs who are delivering the town or a 5 mile radius to come into Henley.   Once installed, those entering Henley without a good reason will be fined.  Detection will be through automatic number plate recognition cameras and a database of legitimate road users.

Helen said, “We are conscious that whilst 1400 people have signed the online petition, we know there are many more people living in Henley or who know or visit the town who would like to support the campaign but would prefer to sign a petition in person rather than using technology and I think the result bears this out. As we have reported, 171 signatures were obtained on Saturday by people signing in person and we now have a network of dedicated supporters covering all areas of town enabling more people to do the same. If anyone wishes to know where they can sign in person or to request a house visit to do so please just call the organisers on 07774 962888.”

Amanda added, “Saturday’s launch in the market place was well received. We collected 171 signatures including John Howell’s.  I think that this is particularly significant. Stefan Gawrysiak, as Henley’s representative on OCC, has been is a great supporter of the campaign (for which I am  very grateful), but I want to emphasise that the campaign for the 7.5 Tonne weight limit on through trucks, is a community issue which I started because of the dangers that I see daily occurring as they drive over the pavement outside Savills. I am not politically aligned and so I am especially pleased to see that the campaign is getting support from all quarters.”

You can sign online here


Photos by Ollie Weait


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