St. Mary’s School Travels to Madrid!

Pupils and staff at St. Mary’s Preparatory School recently travelled to Madrid – completing a virtual journey of over 1,600KM.

The co-ed prep school, part of global education group Cognita Schools, joined the ‘Active World Challenge’ as part of their ongoing focus on wellbeing.  The aim of the challenge was to encourage pupils at the school to be more active, more often, creating good habits for life.

All schools within the group were set the challenge to choose a virtual journey to travel to another Cognita school, and St. Mary’s chose the International School Zurich North in Switzerland, a journey of 749KM. The children – and staff – could choose any form of activity to be included in the challenge and the activities they took part in ranged from walking, running and cycling, to rowing, scootering and swimming.

Rob Harmer, Headmaster said, “I am so proud of how enthusiastically our children embraced this project. At the start of the four week challenge, travelling 749Kilometres seemed like a daunting distance to cover, but by the end of the second week we had already reached our goal! By extending our virtual journey and continuing on to Madrid, the whole school came together and enjoyed updating us with their distances travelled each day. In total we covered 1,681 Kilometres, an incredible achievement.”

The six contributors to wellbeing –  Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Connecting, Doing and Giving are all included in the PSCHE curriculum at the school, and with the focus on an active lifestyle being more important than ever, the Active World Challenge provided a timely opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Steve Downes, Head of PE added, “Pupils at St. Mary’s really enjoy their regular PE lessons, and have relished the opportunity to extend their activity levels with the Active World Challenge.  The children have really missed their weekly competitive sports fixtures this term, so this gave them a great chance to get involved in a really fun project together.”

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