Volunteer Drivers Needed

Henley Volunteer Drivers (HVD) take the elderly and disabled to hospital and medical appointments.  HVD has been badly affected by the Coronavirus because many of our drivers are over 70 and have either been shielding or self-isolating.  During lock-down there were few medical appointments, but drivers collected and delivered prescriptions and helped out with shopping.

Now they are facing the ‘new’ normal with the number of hospital and medical appointments increasing they are finding that they don’t have enough drivers to cover all of the requests they are receiving.  They are appealing to local people who find they have some time on their hands to volunteer with HVD.

Volunteers don’t have to have a regular slot and can give as much or as little time as they have.  Appointments are generally in Henley, to the Royal Berks or to hospitals in Oxford.  Volunteers can say where they are willing to take patients and if you don’t want to go to Reading or Oxford you can say so, and stay local!

If you are a regular driver you don’t have to pay parking charges as we have a pass for the different hospitals.  You will receive a small sum for petrol, for example taking someone to Oxford and back means you can ask for £20.00.

If you would be interested in becoming a driver for HVD please call Scilla Rackham on 01491 572923 (10.15-12.00) for further details or email me, janecase@talktalk.net.


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