Charity Cycle Relay in aid of Nomad

The Henley-on-Thames Charity Relay Race (HoTCRR) is taking place this Sunday (15 November) in aid of Nomad Youth & Community Project.

The race has been designed to provide a genuinely open competition for cyclists of all abilities. The event is fully socially distanced in 2020 and meets all government safety requirements.

Each leg is approximately 10km in length. The strava links and routes are as follows:

Leg 1 – Just after the roundabout at the Henley end of the Fairmile to the top of Pishill bank. 11.4km
Leg 2 – Top of Pishill Bank through Christmas Common, left at the end down the A$) Postcombe Hill to end. 10.9km
Leg 3 – The shortest but most challenging – A40/B4009 junction to Watlington, through Watlington and up Howe Hill. 9km
Leg 4 – Top of Pishill to the end of the Fairmile. 11.4km

The race is open to all and team selection will be done by the organisers and will be designed to lead to similar fitness levels and provide a genuinely
unpredictable competition.

Entry is £20 donation via Paypal money pool.

Each entrant will be assigned fitness points from 1 to 10, with 10 being the fittest. The organiser will ask for some Strava evidence to assign the fitness level. These indicators will include:  Fastest time up Pishill in 2020,  Km ridden in 2020,  Age and Average kmh for past 4 rides over an hour in length (No MTB rides).

For more information or to register email