County Councillor Gives Henley Highways Report

County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak presented a highways report to the Henley Town Full Council meeting this week.

Stefan has completed another review of  all Henley road surfaces and has drawn up a new list of roads that need resurfacing.  These are the entrance to Haywards Close, Cooper Rd (top and bottom), the entrance to Simmons Rd, entrance to Luker Avenue, Mount View to Kings Rd roundabout, entrance to Gainsborough Rd, Reading Rd (various bits near the Tesco roundabout), Mill Lane, parts of Blandy Rd, parts of St Katherine’s Rd.”  This is in addition to the schemes that are already in the pipeline e.g. New Street, Thameside up to the bridge, Elizabeth Close, Greys Hill, Albert Road, Green Lane (Greys Road end) and Hop Gardens (complete) which have been scheduled for next year.

A scheme is being developed to reduce the speeds on the Fairmile which includes road markings, speed counts, traffic cameras and potential road engineering.

Councillors Gawrysiak and Thomas have been meeting with residents of St Andrews to find solutions to the speeding cars on this road. The discussions are advanced and the first step is to get speed counts in 3 locations.

A Northfield End residents parking zone is to be brought to consultation in December.  A homeowners survey on introducing a residents’ parking scheme in Ancastle Green was carried out.  15 residents wanted to introduce it and 15 residents didn’t.  70 residents didn’t respond. No further action will now be made on parking in Ancastle Green.

Gravel Hill and Swiss Farm pedestrian crossings will come up for public consultation in December/January.  OCC Road Officers and Stefan have decided not to do the build out pinch point by the former Basket Weavers Arms pub on Gravel Hill because the 20mph zone has succeeded in reducing speeds and it is thought that the crossing will further reduce speeds as well.  Stefan said, “I look forward to the consultations being successful and these crossings being implemented.”

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  1. LIz Smith says:

    Spoke to two residents of Gravel Hill and they both say that the introduction of 20MPH limit has not delivered the reduction in speeding mentioned in your report!
    I DO hope that the views and experiences of the people who actually live on Gravel Hill are fully taken into account before any changes are made to the plans that have been in place for some time. The pinch point has now been replaced by a crossing…since when?

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