Neil Says Fond Farewell After 15 Years at The Argyll

After 15 years at the helm of The Argyll pub in Market Place, Neil Ainsworth will be leaving the ship he’s steered so well next week.

Before moving to Henley in 2005 Neil managed bars and pubs in around London for 13 years.  Neil said, “Driving down the hill onto Henley bridge for the first time my immediate thoughts were, I don’t care what the pub looks like I want to live here!! Five months later we took on the tenancy of The Argyll pub in November 2005. The pub had lost its way a little, it was in need of being put back on the rails.”

Neil had never been to Henley before then.  He said, “I was living in Alice Springs in Northern Territory, Australia. I watched a race that had bottomless boats with people inside running down a dry river bed. They called it Henley on Todd. I had no idea what they were doing. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Crowds cheering, flags flying, the beers were flowing. Anyway a good day was had by all. When I started looking for a pub I saw Henley-on-Thames and did a little research the penny dropped. Ahhh, that’s what it was all about.  Not quite sure which is more comical? Alice Springs or Henley-on-Thames?”

Neil and his partner Claire looked at business opportunities from London to Exeter.  Neil explained, “We had some brilliant days out checking potential pubs. Claire was working in NHS in London so commuting for her was a consideration.  I was looking for a pub that we could build up, something that was at its lowest trading cycle with the opportunity for sales growth. I believe in pubs, the importance of them is known really by people who value them. My ancestors originated from Fort William on the west coast of Scotland, they migrated as early settlers in New Zealand. The name Argyll stood out. It seemed to be a good omen.”

The history of the pub was also an attraction for Neil.  The pub cellar has been dated back to the 14th Century.  The pub as it is now is Victorian.  Neil comments, “People were selling beer here for centuries before other continents were even discovered. What an honour to be part of that.”

On arriving in 2005 Neil heard mutterings from customers on his first day that he would never make it through the winter! Neil said, “My approach would be to softly re-establish The Argyll as a welcoming traditional pub, with realistic traditional core values and an enjoyable experience for our customers. Our focus was on well kept beer, good wines and tasty pub fayre in a comfortable relaxed setting. The Argyll has always had a pleasant atmosphere.  It is a good little pub in a super location in Market Place.”

In 2006 Neil and Claire married at St Nicholas Church in Remenham.  Neil comments, “I will never forget Father Martyn saying to me at the time that Henley was one of the few remaining UK market towns that still bred eccentricity. Today, I know what he meant.  The wedding reception was in the newly refurbished pub afterwards. Their daughter Fern was born two years later.

2006 was another great year for Neil as an episode of Midsomer Murders was filmed at the pub that year.  The episode, Last Year’s Model, featured The Argyll in a scene with Inspector Barnaby interviewing Pru Plunket at the bar. Neil explains, “Benson Productions came to see me at the pub. They discussed filming and asked how much I would charge for exclusive hire of the pub for the day. I thought of a number and doubled it, I was surprised and at the same time delighted they wanted to use the pub. I knew at the time Midsomer Murders had significance but did not realise how popular and far reaching it would become. They accepted my fee and the deal was done.  They filmed a few weeks later from 9.30am and wrapped at 5pm; we were open again by 6pm selling pints. It is probably the most profitable day the pub has ever had without selling a pint of beer! John Nettles and Jason Hughes were both very witty and good sports throughout the whole day’s filming. It was great fun.”  With a plaque above the bar and the creation of a Midsomer Ale, Neil worked with a local tourist agency and Henley Town Council to create a Midsomer Murders walking tour starting from the pub.

Business flourished and Neil enjoyed successful years with a growing food and drinks trade.  Neil said, “We geared up to take advantage of seasonal, climatic and local event opportunities. We harvested where we could and have always been a seven day week pub. I didn’t take on the pub for time away from it. We went from strength to strength. I enjoyed the community spirit, working alongside high street retailers, business people and fellow licensees in the town. Pubs and restaurants opened and closed around us.  We kept our offer simple and tried to do the simple things well. Of course, people will say it’s hard work running a pub.  I have never considered it work. It has always been a responsibility to me as custodian of The Argyll. We did make many sacrifices as a family along the way, my wife has been incredibly patient, I put the pub first perhaps a little too often.”

Neil employed many local full time, part time and seasonal front of house and kitchen staff over the years and he has enjoyed the company of many regulars and visitors. He said, “Thank you to each of you!!  We are grateful to all our locals and those customers who have travelled from all parts of the globe to visit Henley and enjoy the pub for a variety of reasons. There are many characters who have had a pint at the bar, past and present. I will miss the banter I am sure. We have been very lucky to have made lasting friendships with people who have supported the pub.  I was lucky too to meet Debbie Harry in the pub, who was my favourite female rock star as a teenager.”

Neil is not leaving because of Covid-19. He explains, “We are leaving now, not because we are failing, though more because we can. We will continue to live in town. Claire is working back with the NHS and Fern is at school locally.  I will take a month or two to decide what is next for me, I take a feast of great memories from our time at the pub. Thank you to all our valued customers, staff and others.”

  1. Scott May says:

    I worked in the pub in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Over the last few year I’ve visited the pub a few times from Scotland and had some great conversations about the pub and its history with Neil.
    All the very best to you Neil. Enjoy your next Adventure

  2. V Phlange says:

    Good luck for your next project Neil.
    You made the Argyll a truly welcome pub. I have some great memories of days spent in the Argyll, watching the horse racing and cricket with my dear friend Johnny.

  3. C T Crab says:

    My good friend Johnny introduced me to the Argyll some years ago.
    I enjoyed the hospitality and ambiance.
    I hope at some time in the future to return to Henley and get a round in.

  4. George Roberts says:

    When my boat Big Prop is moored in Henley, there is nothing I like more than joining my friend Johnny in the Argyll. Super pub that takes me back to the 60s.

  5. D.Kneecaps says:

    Before retiring to Wales, I used to frequent Henley with my friend Johnny.
    We had some great adventures, particularly spinning for pike at Marsh lock.
    The evenings were spent in the Argyll, recalling the day and playing spoof.
    Great times.

  6. W.Steve says:

    Johnny and I spent many hours in the Argyll brainstorming our annual pantomimes. Inspired by the surroundings, and some glasses of ale served up by Neil, many have been successful.
    The Lantern and the Shrimp 2012 was one of my favourites.

  7. S.C.Clombie says:

    Great pub the Argyll under Neil’s management. Johnny introduced me to lots of characters, both sides of the bar. What happened to Ginger?
    Loved the suit of armour. Johnny told me, one drunken evening, that it came from the BBC series Ivanhoe.

  8. Barrie W says:

    I love this pub. Always a great place to wind down when I’ve had one too many. Staff are ready with a smile when Johnny and I pop in for a night cap before retiring for the evening.

  9. B Teef says:

    I recall many a lazy day spent fishing on the banks of the Thames followed by raucous evenings in the Argyll with my friend Johnny. Super pub. Brian.

  10. B.Cox says:

    I particularly enjoyed the Argyll selection of red and white wine.
    Johnny introduced me to the combo of a glass of chardonnay with one of Neil’s apple crumbles.
    Johnny always kept me smiling.
    The Chiltern cabs, Flowerpot and dog poo incident was one of my favourite tales.

  11. B. Trevor says:

    Sad to hear Neil is leaving.
    After a good workout at Henley Rowing Club, I used to meet Johnny and Co for a few sherberts at the Argyll. We were always made to feel very welcome.

  12. B.Benedict says:

    The Argyll was a jolly place and a well run ship. I met Johnny there one evening to discuss celestial matters. Being a man of the cloth, I only had one bottle of red, a 2008 Claret.

  13. Herbie says:

    Being a former pub landlord myself I can appreciate a good pub and a good pint. Johnny and I stayed in touch after I left as landlord from his old local and he took me to the Argyll. A fantastic pub and superb staff. H.

  14. O Papas says:

    I used to play keyboard in a few gigs around the Henley area. Johnny was lead singer and we fell out over musical differences and the lack of help received in carrying band equipment. We made up over a few pints of IPA in the Argyll. The pub really brought Johnny and I back as good friends. O.

  15. R.Green says:

    In recent years the Argyll benefited from the French market, held in the square. Johnny and I used to stock up with brie and freshly baked bread, prior to engaging with Neil at the bar.
    It was a tradition to raise a glass to absent friends; and wish others a happy Easter.

  16. O.Papa says:

    Both Johnny and I played in the same band. Birdstock was the highlight of our musical year. Like all great bands there was tension and too many tea pots. The Argyll was our cool safe house from musical insanity. It was there we would slowly drink our beer of choice with a bag of scratchings.


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