We Want Your Roof!

Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group (CEWG) is looking for organisations interested in reducing their electricity bills by having solar panels installed on their roof at no cost to themselves.

The CEWG has set up a not-for-profit Community Energy Society called Chiltern Hills Community Energy (CHCE). Working with the established Reading Community Energy, CHCE will install solar panels on roofs of commercial and community organisations, paid for and maintained by CHCE. The electricity produced is sold to the building user at a price at or below market price and any excess sold to the grid. Any profits once costs have been paid are used to provide energy efficient projects for local community organisations.

CHCE is actively looking for building owners and tenants interested in taking part in the scheme. Your roof may be suitable if:-

  • It has a roof space of at least 50 square metres
  • Has a single occupier and a single electric meter
  • Is unshaded, in a good state of repair and faces south, south east or south west
  • You are a public/community building or a commercial building such as a factory, office, retail store, petrol station etc

Contact Tony Hoskins, Chair CEWG – aahoskins@aol.com/07713 259154 if you think you may have a suitable roof.  Tony said, “We can arrange an initial meeting to discuss whether your roof is suitable, and if you are interested in taking it further arrange for an initial no-commitment survey so we can give you a detailed quote for electricity costs.”




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