This Year’s Jeux d’Esprit Show Cat Tales Available on DVD in aid of The Chiltern Centre

Normally, at this time of year, Jeux d’Esprit would be in The Kings Arm’s Barn with its latest show.

The old beams would be shining with illustrations, voices and music echoing from the rafters. Jill Richardson said, “But these are not normal times and it is in the spirit of Jeux d’Esprit to press on regardless so we have made a DVD, called CATS TALES to send out to all the loyal audiences who have supported us over the years.”

CATS TALES is an anthology of poems and stories about cats down the centuries.

There’s  the 9th century, anon, poem about Bangur Ban, the white cat who meticulously catches mice all day while his friend, the monk, labours at his manuscript. There’s Saki’s Tobermory who learns to speak and causes havoc at a society party and, of course, there’s The Cat that Walked by Himself, Kipling’s explanation of how the cat worked his way into the affections of mankind. And many more.

As usual local voices, Janice Selkirk, Jan Corby, Tim Green, Brian Cheadle, Helen Cook and Alok Tripathi have made the recordings while Steven Allender, Kate Findlay and Louise Shaw have created new works of art. As before Angela Pengilley has chosen the music.

Sadly, Bruce Smith, the team’s audio visual designer since 2011, died in September. He is very much missed in the local community especially by ourselves, The Henley Players and H.A.O.D.S. We are very grateful to Dave Pengilley for taking his place and creating this new DVD which is dedicated to Bruce’s memory.

As you know the main objective of Jeux d’Esprit is to raise funds for The Chiltern Centre. The Centre, which provides respite care for disabled families in the local community, is still open and needs our support more than ever.


Or send cash or a cheque to: The Chiltern Centre, Greys Rd, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1QR