Sue Ryder Launch Urgent Appeal – We Can’t Stop

We’ve joined together with Sue Ryder who now run the Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire from Wallingford to support their second urgent fundraising appeal of 2020.

The charity is experiencing a £2million a month shortfall, whilst its doctors and nurses continue to play a vital part in the Coronavirus effort.  The charity supports many patients and families in and around Henley.

Sue Ryder is appealing to the people of Henley to support its urgent fundraising campaign ‘We can’t stop’ so that Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire can continue to provide the expert and compassionate and of life care it so well known for.

Hospice Director Maria Turnbull for Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire said:

“Coronavirus has hit us hard. We received a wonderful response from our supporters to our emergency appeal earlier in the year. This, paired with the emergency funding that we received from the government, covered our funding shortfall until the end of June 2020.

“Unfortunately however, our struggle continues. Our fundraising events remain cancelled for the rest of this year and our high street shops have now closed for a second time.

“As we head into the winter months and coronavirus cases continue to rise we are expecting an increase in people needing end of life care.

“None of us expected this pandemic to go on for so long and clearly a monthly shortfall of £2 million is unsustainable for any charity, which is why we need to ask the public to help us.

“Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire is playing a vital part in the Coronavirus effort – all of the staff here want to use their skills, expertise and experience to help patients and their families in the months ahead as well continue to relieve the pressure on the NHS. However, in order to keep our services running through the winter and beyond we urgently need to secure more funding now.

“We know that times are tough for everybody at the moment, so please be reassured that every bit really does help and thank you very much from all of us.”

To support Sue Ryder visit:


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