Greener Henley Talk – Key to Renewable Energy Use at Home

Greener Henley invites you to a special webinar and Q&A with Molly Webb, founder of the ground-breaking renewable energy app,Yoyu on Thursday 3 December at 8pm on Zoom.

Free to download and completely free to use, Yoyu shows you the hourly forecast of when the energy we use is clean (for example: when it’s sunny and windy and there’s a high percentage of wind and solar energy available). Using this info, and choosing when we use energy at home accordingly, we can all reduce our carbon footprint. If everyone in Great Britain used it, we would be stopping the equivalent of 30 million trees sequestering carbon for 10 years.

Yoyu makes it easy to know when the national grid’s energy mix is more clean than dirty to help users minimise their usage of fossil fuel-based energy. Through the easy-to-use app, you can set reminders for when it’s the best time to plug-in, run your appliances, or charge.

In this short webinar, Molly will explain why the energy system needs our help to get to net zero, and how the Yoyu app is part of the journey toward all of us becoming a new and necessary resource for the grid. She will also be on hand to answer your questions, like why emissions from electricity increased during Covid lockdowns in spite of record breaking wind and solar energy generation.

Molly said, “Just as people can be more sustainable in their food or fashion choices, we want to give people the power to choose clean energy, every day. It’s inspiring to see such great appetite for this in Henley-on-Thames. I’m honoured to be presenting this webinar in partnership with Greener Henley – I hope lots of people in the Henley area tune in!

Webinar length: 40 mins approx.

Zoom link to join: (will be open from 7:55pm on 3 December )

If you would like join, please RSVP with your name (and any questions you would like to submit in advance) to:


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