Nursery Children Celebrate Thanksgiving

Children at Shiplake Village Nursery are lucky to have Jessica Assem who is from Philadelphia in America as she threw a brilliant Thanksgiving party for them last Thursday. It’s the first time she’s not spent Thanksgiving in her home country.

For her Thanksgiving is a time to think about feeling grateful.  Jessica said, “We’ve spoken to the children about what they’re grateful for and they were able to share with us and make special placemats in the shape of turkeys so they are able to gobble their way back home.”

Jessica prepared an essential Thanksgiving feast for the children which included turkey, corn, carrots and fruit.  The children also coloured in turkey pictures and made turkey hats which they wore to eat their food.

“Thanksgiving is a very big American holiday and Canada celebrates too, usually it’s all about getting together with family and just being together enjoying all the food and love we have within our family homes,” added Jessica.

Jessica also went to talk to children at Shiplake Primary School, where her daughter is in Reception about what Thanksgiving is all about and why we should all be thankful.