Traffic Emission Monitoring Devices Installed in Six Locations

Diffusion tubes that measure nitrogen dioxide air pollution caused by road traffic have been installed in six locations around the town.

The devices have been installed at Crew Clothing in Bell Street, the junction of New Street and Bell Street, the Marlow Road roundabout, the Kenton Theatre in New Street, the slipway at the bottom of New Street and on the side of Henley Bridge.

These unobtrusive little devices help to identify areas of high NO2 concentration.  They contain a steel mesh disc coated with triethanolamine (TEA).  The TEA mesh absorbs nitrogen dioxide.  After three months, the monitors will be sent to a laboratory, where the steel mesh is removed and washed with distilled water which is then analysed. The concentration of nitrogen dioxide is found by shining ultra violet light (UV) through the water sample. The amount of light absorbed is equivalent to the concentration of nitrogen dioxide that was present in the air during the monitoring period.

County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said, “These clever, simple devices will give us much needed data on our air quality and help us to continue to address the concerns of Henley Residents around congestion and emissions. We would like to thank David Dickie for tirelessly championing clean air for Henley!”

Tony Hoskins Chair of the Climate Emergency Working Group added,  “This is certainly a stride in the right direction. The Climate Emergency Working Group are making plans to do what we can to take carbon emissions to net zero. For more information about the Climate Emergency Working Group please visit the Henley Town Council Website or follow us on Twitter@CE2030WG