Costa Reopens After Refurbishment

Costa re-opened its doors on Duke Street after nine months and a refurbishment by new franchise owner Enrico Cantoni.

The store has bee completely refurbished with new flooring, decoration and furnishings plus a new lower level more open bar area.

Enrico said, “We knew Henley was a very high profile and busy store.  We bought the franchise a few months ago.  When we saw the store we knew it needed a lot of work.  We love the town and we spoke to a few people when we came to visit and they all told us that they were missing Costa but they wanted to see a better store.  The store is much improved and more comfortable and I think we have done the best that we could.  When we were working on it for a couple of months everyone passing by has been asking us when we are you opening.  I didn’t know Henley before but I love it.  Everyone is friendly which struck me straight away.  I think we’ve done a great job and we think we’ll build the store which is more in keeping with the Henley culture.”

Jacob who worked at the old store too said “I think it is a lot nicer, it’s going to make a lot more people come in here.  It’s a lot more fresh as it was a bit dark before.  I like the bar, it’s much a cleaner environment than working in the old one.”

The store is completely open now.  On Saturday, Enrico was inviting people passing by to have a free coffee on the house.


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