Jeweller Offers Empty Shop for Pop Up Christmas Gifts

David Rodger Sharp has kindly donated his empty shop he’s leased in the former DJ King jeweller’s at the end of Bell Street to a group of jewellers and artists for a pop-up Christmas store.  He is due to open the shop as a VIP jewellery store in the New Year.

The shop is filled with beautiful photographs from Robin Dodd, ceramics from David Wright, soaps, frames and jewellery from Matthew Hinch, mosaics and paintings from Lynda Hopkins and jewellery from Lisa Cheng.

David said, “Work on the empty shop is still continuing and when Matthew who works for me asked if they could use the shop for a Christmas shop I said of course. We’ve all had a tough year and those that rely on craft fairs to promote and sell the goods they make have really struggled.”

Lisa said, “Normally we would be doing a lot of craft fairs at Christmas time and all the venues have been closed.  David had this space and we asked him if we could use it.  I think it’s good to have a shop so that we can keep the social distance and people can come when it is not that busy.  He is amazingly generous and so helpful with social media.  It is unbelievable and he’s also allowing us to sell jewellery even though he is a jeweller himself. We’re really, really grateful.”


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