Henley Hopper Bus Service to Continue to Run

The Henley Hopper, the Henley Town bus service, will continue to run as usual during the national lockdown.

Mayor Ken Arlett and Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak and TK Travel confirmed that the Henley Hopper Bus Service will continue to run during the new national lockdown.  They said “We are pleased that Henley Town Council is able to continue with the bus service in these Covid times. We know that local people rely on the Henley Hopper to get around town, especially those who may not have been able to get grocery delivery slots or those who need to undertake essential travel.  It is a vital provision.”

TK Travel commented “Our drivers – Lee, Mark and Sandy are delighted to continue running this vital service for the people of Henley during this difficult time.”

The service runs for 3 days a week from Tuesday to Thursday between 9 am and 2pm.  Please wear a face covering, use hand santiser and observe social distancing. The timetable is available here and the route map is available here. The service is not profit-making and is supported through housing developer financial contributions and subsidy from Henley Town Council, which has been supporting the routes since Oxfordshire County Council removed all its bus subsidies as a cost-cutting measure in 2016.


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