Former Councillor Calls for One Commercial Waste Collector

Former Henley Councillor, Barry Wood who has been advising Bijam (new Persian restaurant on Market Place) has identified a problem in the setting up of a systematic collection of waste for the restaurant and has asked Henley Town Council to appoint one safe waste contractor for the whole town.

Barry said, “A previously established scheme by Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak has deteriorated due to lack of informative written communication for new businesses, turnover of premises and new restaurant and retail managers being in post. Bagged rubbish is placed out on the main streets of Henley overnight, many hours before collection, available for misbehaviour, vermin and pests including foxes. There is also some spillages/leakages of wet waste occur causing staining of our highly prized and expensive York Stone pavements and Market Place. Henley cannot state it has efficient Covid secure safe waste practices operating across its restaurant and retail estate which is to the detriment of tourism in the town.”

Currently all businesses in Henley appoint their own waste contractor.  A Waste Working Group has been set up by Henley Town Council to look into this and other waste problems. Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett has written to Liz Hayden, Head of Housing and Environment at South Oxfordshire District Council who are the waste authority for Henley to respond to Barry Wood’s request to organise a different waste solution for Henley’s restaurants and food outlets.”

In Barry’s proposal he suggests one contractor appointed by competitive tender, reviewed every 4 years.  The contract should agree that all the town is cleared of waste by 0700 hours daily.

Barry added, “A public health approved clean environment and a Covid secure collection service for waste is of paramount importance and something we should all aspire to – particularly for our residents and most important business assets and industry.”


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