Neighbours to Proposed Premier Inn Give Their Objections

Three residents of Wyndale Close off Station Road who would back on to the new Premier Inn hotel on the Station car park gave their objections to the Town Council’s planning meeting on Tuesday evening.

Premier Inn plan to build a five-story hotel with 115 rooms.  More details can be seen here.  Premier Inn asked for residents to give their views on this website by the 12 January.  No planning application has so far been submitted.

The new hotel if built will result in the permanent loss a number of parking spaces at the station.  There will also be a temporary loss of an additional spaces for use as a construction compound for an anticipated 14 months.

The residents objections were, “It would be the first thing that visitors arriving at the station would see and it is not in keeping with our town.  No effort has been made to adapt the design to fit our town.  The height of the building is too tall and it is out of proportion to the site.  It will destroy our views, give light pollution at night and noise pollution from air conditioning and kitchen fans.”

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said he would support the building of the hotel but “there should be no loss of car parking spaces, the height of the building is a concern and so is the light pollution.”

Councillor Will Hamilton put forward a motion that was voted for to put together a paper to include all the objections that would be forwarded to Premier Inn.



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