CCTV Proposal for Brunner Hall to Deter Anti-Social Behaviour

The Henley Town Council Recreation & Amenities Committee have recommended that CCTV should be installed on Brunner Hall on Greys Road to deter the anti-social behaviour on and around the hall.  The hall is leased by the Council to the Headway Thames Valley charity.

The Council have been reviewing the anti-social behaviour at both Makins Recreation Ground and Freemans Meadows on the Fairmile.  Council initiatives to tackle anti-social behaviour have in the past and currently include the funding of increased youth outreach work provided by Nomad, close liaison with the Neighbourhood Police Team, provision of anti-climb paint for Brunner Hall and the strategic (temporary) removal of a bench and bin at Makins Recreation Ground to deter anti-social activities.

The Council has received quotations to install CCTV at Makins and Freemans Meadows at a cost of around £25k.  The Brunner Hall CCTV system recommended at a cost of £1500 would not give coverage of the skatepark but it was felt that it would protect damage to Council’s property.

The Neighbourhood Police Team advise that there have been very few issues at the skatepark in the last 6 months, which may or may not be related to Covid-19 restrictions. Headway also report that the situation has greatly improved. It was recommended that the situation is monitored over the next six months before a decision is made on installations at Makins and Freemans.

The final decision will be made by the Finance, Strategy & Management Committee next week.


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