History Information Board to be Installed at Chantry House

The Grade I listed Chantry House, beside St Mary’s Church will have one of the Town Council’s great history information boards installed outside it.

This will be sixth information board to be installed since 2015 after Henley Town Councillor David Eggleton came up with the idea.  They have been created with help from Viv Greenwood from the Henley Archaeological and Historical Group.   The first one installed is at the entrance to Gainsborough Estate which details the history of Humphrey Gainsborough.  The others are on Greys Road at the steps to Makins Recreation Ground on the history of Makins family who bequeathed the Makins Recreation Ground, on Singers Park about Henley Bridge and on Mill Meadows about the obelisk.  The last one was installed in May 2019  at the gated entrance to Mill Meadows on the towpath about a river painting of Henley from over 300 years ago ‘Henley From The Wargrave Road’, painted by Flemish artist Jan Siberechts in 1698.

The Chantry House one will show details of the building structure and the history of the use of the building which includes a 15th century trading hub, a school, a bottle store and a parish meeting place.

Last year, the Henley Archaeological and Historical Group applied for a SODC grant to fund some research on the Chantry House which confirmed the exact age of the building (1461) and its original use.

A further 3 boards have been allocated in the budget to be installed.



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