Hair-Raising Learning for Rupert House Children

Pupils and teachers at Rupert House School had fun yesterday styling their hair for a Crazy Hair school day to lift their spirits during lockdown homeschooling.

The idea initially came from a parent and saw pupils spray dye, curl, backcomb and add sorts of things to their hair. The school issued some simple guidelines to be followed to make sure no permanent damage was done! The children had to make sure their parents were involved in the design and implementation and that any craziness had to be returned to normal for lessons today.

Headteacher Nick Armitage said, “At Rupert House, the staff, pupils and parents are very mindful of the importance of maintaining their mental health and wellbeing and of thinking up opportunities to take a more light-hearted approach to the children’s learning. The Friends of Rupert House suggested a Crazy Hair-themed day, which the children and staff were only too happy to embrace and there were some remarkable creations! The children and staff enjoyed showing off their extraordinary hairdos in the live assembly this morning and this set the tone for a fun day’s learning.”


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