Congratulations to Our Community Champion Award Winners

The winners of the Herald’s Community Champion Awards were surprised last week at home as we were sadly not able to host our awards party on Friday.  Congratulations to our winners who are detailed below and please watch the above video to see them accepting their awards.  We’d like to thank our sponsors Henley Self Storage, THP Solicitors, Meadows Farm Studios, Henley Manor Care Home, IBS Office Solutions and Southern Plant and Tool Hire.  Thank you everyone for nominating our special community champions and all of you who voted too in November.  The full results are shown below.

Charity Champion

Sponsored by Henley Self Storage

Gary Boys – NHS & Nomad
Gary has entertained hundreds of local and non local residents during the lockdown he raised thousands of pounds for the NHS. I am sure that there are so many residents that would like to see Gary get this award. He also did shopping and collected prescriptions for people and had his bicycle nicked whilst doing all this community work.

Community Champion

Sponsored by THP Solicitors

Tom Fern – Henley Army Cadets
Captain Tom Fearn was in charge of the Army Cadets for 5 years, he has put so much into the Cadets; growing the unit to around 45 Cadets. The Cadets are provided with many opportunities to go away at weekends and on Summer Camps. Tom is a very good role model for all of the teenagers under his care.

Heart of Gold Neighbour/Covid-19 Volunteer

Sponsored by Meadows Farm Studios

David Eggleton (Gainsborough)
David Eggleton is a pillar of the community and is one of the most selfless men I know. When everyone had been given the news from Boris to lock down, Dave immediately stepped in to see what he could do to help the vulnerable and people in need. It’s people like this that give you faith in humanity and I know he genuinely wants to give back to the town that he has lived in all his life. Not only being a councillor and giving up his spare time whilst trying to run a business, but when there is also a life threatening illness, Dave still felt the need to help where he could. This Award for me was such an important reason why this man should be recognised for all he does. He very much deserves to be recognised for his hard work and dedication to the town he loves.

Everyday he was out helping his local neighbours and local charities. He was ensuring that local nursing homes has PPE if required, He even had to supply some local shops who worked Throughout with extra PPE as they couldn’t get any. Dave helped to keep the streets clean picking up rubbish that had been dumped and would generally help anyone who needed it. He was a real inspiration throughout and he definitely deserves to be recognised for all of his dedicated to the town.

Customer Service Champion

Sponsored by Henley Manor Care Home

Amelia Legg – Waitrose
Amelia works in Waitrose and is a breath of fresh air. A real people person. You are always met with a big smile and asked how you are. Nothing is too much trouble for Amelia. She is very sincere and always interested in what you have to say. Earlier in the year when I was really unwell, Amelia would see me, ask how I was and scoot off to find my items so I didn’t get too tired. She made shopping so much more bearable. Amelia always goes out of her way to help you. An absolute treasure. Waitrose is very lucky to have her. Amelia is the whirlwind who is usually running up and down along by the tills. She is always happy – even when unwell. Amelia helps everyone – customers and team members alike. We all get the same 100% focus and help when needed – support for her colleagues and assistance for the customers. All met with a beaming smile. Amelia knows where everything is and quite often gets it for you to make your shopping experience easier.

Made Us Smile Superstar

Sponsored by IBS Office Solution

Charlotte Sutton
From the day of lock down, Charlotte at Time for Tea Vintage quickly turned her tea business into a door to door delivery service for the vulnerable in and around Henley. She supplied fruit, veg and all essentials that the supermarket had run out of, all socially distanced. The made me smile moment was on VE DAY, where her and her staff dressed in wartime dresses, delivering vintage afternoon teas complete with ration books and waved her union jack flags upon delivery playing wartime classics, a great pick me up moment for many isolated in their homes, she delivered over 200 afternoon tea boxes that day. She has been a true inspiration in these testing times and proves that hard work and diversifying your work can help those most in need.

Top Teacher/TASouthern Plant banner logo

Sponsored by Southern Plant and Tool Hire

Kelly Chapman – Gillotts
Kelly goes above and beyond in her role at Gillotts, she is devoted to helping the children at Gillotts and the school would not be the same without her

Full Results 

Charity Champion%
Gary Boys36
Tom Fielder33
Henley Mermaids19
Richard Rodway12
Community Champion%
Tom Fearn19
Drifters Coffehouse15
David Eggleton14
Angelina Jones13
John Green10
Patrick Fleming8
Neil Hudson7
Neil Gunnell6
Linda Nugent5
Geoff Luckett4
Heart of Gold Neighbour%
David Eggleton32
Pamela Cook17
Jean Hedges15
Kate Holden14
Neil Gunnell12
Carol Crowdy9
Customer Service Champion%
Amelia Legge27
Millie & Talia Drifters22
David Rodger Sharp21
Tamsin Borlase15
Melanie Roberson14
Made Us Smile Superstar%
Charlotte Sutton22
Caroline Barefield21
Graham Bell17
Nicola Nott12
Art Theman10
Jo Haley7
Piers Burnell5
Maria Whyte5
Top Teacher%
Kelly Chapman – Gillotts24
Miss Nottage – Valley Road15
Miss Elspeth Denchfield & Mrs Sophie Marriot – Bix Montessorri14
Sharon Greenwood13
Nicola Edwards13
Leonie Brown8
Ruth Hamilton-Smith7
Mrs McCartney6