Care Home Donates Tablets for Homeschooling

Henley Manor Care Home in Mill Lane donated three brand new Kindle Fire tablets to the Herald’s homeschooling laptop and tablet appeal last week.

We were delighted to offer them to Valley Road School for their Key Stage 1 children to use who were sharing a device at home.  The appeal has been a real success with fantastic donations for brand new laptops already received from Courtiers and Bremont and old devices kindly donated from Herald readers.

Charlotte Bennett, Customer Relationship Manager at Henley Manor Care Home said, “The team and residents often spend time together looking through the local news stories, discussing what’s going on in the area. We had spotted that the Herald had launched an appeal for local businesses to donate laptops and tablets for local schools, as we know a lot of children are being home schooled at the moment. We thought it was a great idea and we’re always looking for ways to support the local community. We didn’t have any old devices to hand but were happy to purchase some new tablets that could be used. We hope that the tablets help children to continue their home-schooling and also use them to have some fun!”

Tim Coulson, Headteacher at Valley Road School said, “There’s a popular misconception that everyone in Henley has access to multiple devices. Anyone working in education will tell you this is not true. They will also tell you how important it is that pupils stay in touch with their classmates and their lives as much as possible. Devices allow this to happen and enable children to feel they remain part of a school rather than alone. I thank Michaela for all her hard work in supporting the pupils across our area to gain access to the support they need.”