Bingate Part II

Henley Town Councillors discussed the refurbishment of the town’s public rubbish bins again at their Full Council meeting on Tuesday evening.  Before the meeting started Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett referred to the Handforth Parish Council meeting which went viral and said, “I’m sure you’ve all been reading your standing orders.”

The proposal to purchase new bins for the town at a cost of £22K was put forward at the Town & Community Meeting in January along with the trial of two solar bins funded by the Henley Society and a grant from Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak.  Councillor David Eggleton proposed that the cast iron heritage bins should be refurbished at a much lesser cost.  After a heated debate Councillor Eggleton said he was resigning from the Henley Residents Group party and would become an independent Councillor as his fellow party Councillors were not listening to him.

The bin debate was brought to the Full Council meeting after a five member motion was put forward by Councillors Eggleton, Hillier, Plant, Hamilton and Clark.  This week further discussion took place about the refurbishment of the bins and the installation of the solar bins.  It was confirmed that 3 of the cast heritage bins have been sent out to three companies for a sample refurbishment to see the finished results and for them to provide a cost.  It was agreed that the costings and to assess the standard of the finished samples would go back to the Town & Community meeting and would be debated at the next Full Council Meeting on 23 March.

The two large solar bins which compress large amounts of rubbish will be located outside Cook in Duke Street and underneath a tree opposite the Angel on the Bridge!  The bins have a sensor and software to confirm when the bins are full.  Councillors discussed an email from Liz Hayden, Head of Housing and Environment at SODC who are responsible for public bin collections.  She confirmed that SODC do not have the software and have no plans to invest in this so will only empty the solar bins when they are in the area!  The trial will be for six months.

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