Little Girl Elara is Seriously Ill

Yesterday, 3 year old Elara Foxley whose Mum appealed for donations last week to save her life to fund new international trial drugs for her  Neuroblastoma (a rare and aggressive childhood cancer) has taken a serious turn.
Her Mum, Nicky has written on the Gofund page, “It breaks my heart to write this. Elara has taken a very bad turn. She is now permanently paralysed in her legs. She also has no control over her bladder or bowel. An urgent MRI scan showed that her tumours, both in the spine and brain, have doubled in size over the last 10 days. One has also haemorrhaged. It’s just too aggressive. There is no longer anything that can be done for Elara. The chemo has stopped and they are making her as comfortable as possible. Thank you so so much for everyone’s incredible support at the most devastating time 💔
Donations have been turned off.”
The appeal for £241K reached nearly £218K with some people donating £5,000 to pay for a treatment in which the immune system is trained to attack cancerous cells plus travel expenses.
Elara was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in December 2019 when she was just 2 and a half years old.  Elara was found to have a large tumour in her abdomen and the cancer had also spread to her bones.  She went through 8 rounds of hard hitting chemotherapy every 10 days, surgery to remove a large tumour from her stomach followed by more chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.  Two weeks ago she complained of pain in her right hip.  After an x-ray, MRI and CT scan which showed the cancer had returned to her spine and her brain.” 

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