Café Scientifique Henley Presents the Wonderful World of Plankton 

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Talk by  Prof. Bridget Wade is a Micropalaeontologist at University College London (UCL)

The wonderful world of plankton and what it can tell us about the Earth’s past.  Plankton (floating microscopic organisms) exist in a variety of forms and several groups have left a long fossil record consisting of microscopic fossils. Bridget will talk about the main groups of plankton, how we can study their fossil record, and what they can reveal about the oceans.

Bridget  studies microscopic fossils and their chemistry. Her current research focuses on using microfossils to reconstruct past sea surface temperatures and evolutionary patterns. Her international research has involved fieldwork in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico and oceanic expeditions in the Pacific and Indian oceans.  

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