Appeal for Henley Womble Volunteers to Keep Town Tidy

An appeal for residents to become Henley Wombles has been launched today by Councillor Will Hamilton and Councillor David Eggleton to keep our town tidy throughout the year.

Henley Wombles can be any age and will be provided with a high-vis vest, a litter pick and a pair of gloves and will be asked to go out once a month to pick up litter in an area of town they will be assigned to.  The kits have been kindly sponsored by Julian Glasspole of Vehicle Weighing Solutions.

Will said, “Providing the kit is a solution as people aren’t prepared to pick up litter because of Covid-19. If you look at the verges around town, they are absolutely filled with litter.  The initiative will be part of Keep Britain Tidy and we’re looking for 30-50 volunteers from across the town Reading Road to the Fairmile.  We will also be having River Wombles which have the backing of Olympic and Leander Club rowers Vicky Thornley and Jack Beaumont.”

Hobbs of Henley have kindly agreed to offer a rowing boat to the River Wombles to pick up waste from the river.

David added, “We do hit HIT Litter every year and this idea fits in with everything that is going on in the present day crisis.  A lot of people are out there walking so they could pick up litter on their way round.  Whereas the HIT litter happens every year and I’m sure people do pick up litter all the year round but this will fit in round Hit Litter all year round. I think it’s a brilliant idea that Councillor Hamilton came up with.”

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