Children to Enjoy New Books Thanks to World Book Day Appeal

Hundreds of books were donated yesterday on World Book Day at the Town Hall which will be distributed to schools in Henley for children to enjoy.

The idea was Amelia Oldershaw and her Mum, Frances then organised the appeal donations with the help of Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett.  Frances decorated the front of the Town Hall with balloons and decorations and got into the spirit by dressing up as Alice in Wonderland.  She was helped by her god daughter, Poppy Butler who was dressed up as Hermoine from Harry Potter.

Frances said, “We received hundreds of books and were overwhelmed by the kindness of the residents who donated.   Thank you to all who kindly donated and we are truly grateful.   We know that the children will love to read these books.  We will be doing this every World Book Day from now on.  Also, our thanks to the Mayor, Ken Arlett for his help and support of this very important event.”

Resident, David Dickie brought along some books.  He said, “These books were just sitting in the loft and my grandchildren are now too old for them so I thought I would donate them today.”  Another resident, Jan Mirkowski added, “As our two daughters grow up, we tend to hold onto a few of their much-loved, and very well-thumbed books, however we pass the majority on to charities in the hope that other children will enjoy them as much as our girls did.  Books stimulate minds of all ages and improve reading skills.  Lockdown provided opportunities for a clear-out and Henley’s World Book Day Appeal came along at just the right time!”

Henley Mayor, Ken said, “What a fantastic effort from local resident Frances Oldershaw in organising the collection of Children’s books on World Book Day. All local primary schools had dropping off places for books on their premises. Henley Town Council had its own drop off point outside of the Town Hall, which was very popular with residents, well over 300 books were deposited, they will be sorted and distributed next week. What a great idea from Frances that hopefully now will become an annual event. Thanks also to the Henley Herald for its participation in the event.”

Octavia and Alexia Ashcroft and their Mum, Megan were visiting the market dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Elsa from Frozen.  Frances gave the girls a book to take home from the donations.   Alexia chose one of the books that the Mayor had donated about a little red deer in New Zealand. Megan said, “They’re really enjoying their reading.  It’s a real shame that this day didn’t fall next week when the children could the share the day with their friends in school all dressed up.”


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