Henley Toad Patrol Film Premiere

A feel good film about Henley Toad Patrol (HTP) is free to view and premiering this Saturday (13 March) at 8pm called Slow: Toad Patrol (32 mins).

Every year from February volunteers from the Henley Toad Patrol help carry toads, frogs and newts across the busy A4155 Henley to Marlow Road in order for them to reach their spawning pond in the grounds of Henley Business School.  They erect a 1km barrier along the busy road and then collect the amphibians in buckets and take them across the road.  For the first time last year, the volunteers helped the hatched mini toads get back to the Oaken Grove Wood on the Culden Faw estate in July.”

The film was made by Chris Suddaby and Ernesta Gempler.  Chris said, “In the film, we follow Angelina Jones and her team of volunteers around for three months as they endeavour to help thousands of toads cross a local busy road to get to their ancestral pond. We highlight what it takes to be a Toad Patroller, and delve into the reasons why many different people from different backgrounds leave their warm homes on an evening to walk around in the winter mud and rain, helping amphibians survive a treacherous annual journey. The film is a charming and uplifting example of human’s love for nature, and a thoughtful reflection of what drives people to help.”

The film started as a micro-documentary about a local wildlife conservation effort.  Chris explained, “The film then blossomed into a 31-minute short film about this group of volunteers, their co-ordinator, their passion for this cause, and their personal reasons to take part in saving thousands of toads each year. At its core this unique and uplifting film is about ‘backyard’ conservation, coming together with like-minded individuals, and making a real difference. We wanted to show that we can help wildlife right now, make an impact right now, with nothing but a bucket and a torch if needs be.”

Angelina Jones, founder of Henley Toad Patrol said, “It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  The HTP has set itself a target audience of 1500 viewers on the night.  Our group would very much appreciate your help in promoting this very worthy cause and film amongst your friends, family, colleagues and social media circles.”

To watch go to Slow: Toad Patrol