Help Save Simba’s Heart

Gemma Turner and her family after much saving, planning and many disappointments managed to secure Simba, a Cocker Spaniel puppy.  However, after being with family for less than 2 weeks they have been told by a vet that Simba has a fatal heart murmur.

Gemma explains, “The breeder had ensured his health and condition was excellent and we automatically fell for him. On taking Simba to the vet for his first vaccination he was also checked for any health issues, unfortunately the vets found a fatal heart murmur (grade 6/6). We were told this was inherited from either of his parents and that the breeder would have known of Simba’s condition but chose not to tell us to benefit financially.”

Many families have decided to buy a puppy last year during lockdown and the price of puppies has rocketed and there are many warnings about buy from puppy farms.  Gemma said, “We have contacted the breeder however they of course have denied everything and do not want to be involved. The RSPCA, and the police have been contacted due to our concern of the other puppies and the mother, we have also found he was infected with worms after being told by the breeder he had been treated. They also said he was microchipped by a vet but turns out they microchipped him themselves. We are unsure of how far the RSPCA have taken the case due to personal information.”

Simba was immediately booked in with a referral veterinary clinic (The Ralph Centre) which has specialist equipment especially for puppies with heart murmurs. They have confirmed that his condition is Patent Ductus Arteriosus – a heart defect he was born with, which requires heart surgery to save his life. This surgery has been priced at £4,000-£5,000.

Gemma has launched an appeal to save Simba’s life.  She said, “Everyone who has had the delight of meeting Simba has fallen for him and all agree the financial burden must be met, there is not an option to let his short-lived life be cut short. We are hoping that friends and family or anyone that has seen this fundraiser will help us by donating. A little will go a long way in giving this little puppy a long and happy life.”

To donate go to gofundme page: