First Visits Allowed to Loved Ones in Care Homes

Residents in care homes are once again able to hold hands with their loved ones this week.

Following a recent announcement from the government, residents are now able to have one primary visitor who can visit their loved one regularly, providing they have a negative lateral flow test and wear the appropriate PPE.

At Henley Manor Care Home on Mill Lane, visitors are safely escorted to the resident’s rooms, where they were able to have their first face-to-face visit in almost a year, in line with Government guidelines.

General Manager at Henley Manor Care Home, Ellie Faramarzian said: “It’s wonderful to finally have some relatives able to visit us inside of the home again.

“Our visiting suites have been working well since last year but having the ability to welcome those nominated visitors into the home, to spend proper quality time with their loved ones, makes such a difference to the residents’ wellbeing.

“It’s been such a joy to see the visits go ahead since Monday and feels like a real step towards some normality.”

A relative who visited the home, Jo Duncan said: “I was so happy to finally visit Mum inside of Henley Manor. I felt like I was visiting her at her own home and rather than just small talk we were able to have much deeper conversations and have a really meaningful visit. “It was lovely to really feel connected to Mum again.”