Henley Pancake Race

Council Start to Plan Events Including Covid-19 Remembrance & Pancake Race

Relaunch of the Mayor’s pancake race, a Covid-19 remembrance event, a Dusty Springfield Day and a Heritage Day were all ideas discussed at the Henley Town Council’s Events Committee last Friday.

Our Editor, and leader of 1st Henley Brownies, Michaela Clarke suggested the relaunch of the Mayor’s Pancake race which her Brownies had enjoyed and had taken place annually from 2010 to 2015.  The Committee agreed to look at a date for next year close to Pancake Day on 1 March 2022.  David Rodger Sharp offered to provide the pancakes from Lawlor’s.

Councillor David Eggleton suggested that the town should have some sort of remembrance event for not only those who have died of Covid-19 and Councillor Crook agreed and added that it should be also for those who have lost love ones who have not been able to have a proper funeral last year.  So far 29 people in Henley have lost theirs to Covid-19.  It was discussed that the beacon on Makins Recreation Ground could be lit and a civic service be organised.  The date for this is to be confirmed.

National Heritage Week is taking place from 15-23 August.  It was agreed that the Committee review the events taking place this year and look at hosting a Henley Heritage day in August 2022.

Councillor Sarah Miller remembered that there used to be a ‘Dusty Day’ to commemorate Dusty Springfield who is buried in St Mary’s church yard.  Many fans visit the grave and lay flowers.

The May Fayre which was due to take place on Monday 3 May is being cancelled again this year due to government restrictions still being in place.  Councillor Sarah Miller commented, “We will bring it back, bigger and better next year!”

Other events planned this year are Olympic Heroes return on 18 September (dependent on Olympics going ahead), Health & Wellbeing Festival on 31 October, Remembrance Service on 14 November and the late night Christmas Festival on Friday 26 November 2021.

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