St Mary’s Children Bring Smiles to Care Home Residents With Easter Cards

After making Christmas cards for care home residents in December as part of the Herald and Councillor Paula Isaacs’ initiative, St Mary’s School children have made Easter cards for Henley Manor Care home residents and dropped them off on Tuesday with some daffodils and Easter eggs.

The children from Year 1 and 2 designed Easter bunny and chick cards and wrote messages inside.  We particularly loved the one from Charlie which read, “I hope you have a lovely Easter.  I hope you get lots of eggs.  Love you.”  Arjan, Mia, Eve and Toby from Year 2 went to the home to drop off the cards.  Arjan said, “I did a chick with blue behind.  I loved doing it and I love art.  I think the resident will be happy when they open my card.  I think they will smile.”

The children waved to residents Pam, Rosanne, Sonia and Elizabeth inside before handing over the hamper of cards and goodies.

Headteacher of St Mary’s Rob Harmer said, “Delighted we can drop off some Easter cards to the Manor Care Home just because its going to bring that extra bit of joy at a time when they can’t see their families. It’s a small token of appreciation for the all the staff here is as well.  It’s lovely that the children can bring a little bit of joy.”

Marketing Manager from St Mary’s, Catherine Yoxall added, “This is a start of new relationship.   Just bringing the children down just makes everyone smile.  They enjoy it, its good for the children to learn about life and its lovely for the residents for them to see them because it lifts their spirits especially at the moment when they can’t come out and they probably haven’t seen their grandchildren for quite a long time.”

Charlotte Bennett, Customer Relations Manager said, “The residents love seeing people, it’s been a while since we have had some children come to the home and we’re looking forward to them being able to come inside.  This has been so lovely. It has brightened their day.”



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