Trinity at Four Hosts Interactive Good Friday Trail For Families

The Good Friday Easter Trail, organised by Trinity at Four Church, offered Henley families a fun and interactive way to engage with the Easter story. The trail took explorers on a walk around the town where, along the way, they met five characters who interacted with Jesus on Good Friday. As no Easter hunt would be complete without chocolate, children also had the chance to do challenges and earn their Easter eggs.

The free event began at Holy Trinity Church, taking place between 9:30am and 12:00pm on Good Friday. There were five stops to make on the 45 minute walking trail, where families learnt more about the story of the first Good Friday from perspective of five different characters. On their journey, participants met someone who was with Jesus at his last supper, a guard who arrested him, someone who was set free because of Jesus, a soldier who was there when he died, and a woman who saw him buried.

Each stop on the trail gave children the chance to collect Easter eggs by completing tasks. At the fifth and final destination, the trail finders were given a book about the Easter story called ‘The Empty Tomb’. The fun could also continue at home, as the map given to all participants had Easter-themed puzzles on the back.

This was not the first interactive trail created by Trinity at Four, who hosted a ‘Follow The Star’ trail at Christmas telling the story of Jesus’ birth. Based on the popularity of the Christmas event, the church decided to create a similar event for Easter. Peter Greenman, Children’s and Youth Ministry Trainee for Trinity at Four, said, “We decided to run the event because we believe that the story of the first Easter is really good news and is really important.  The idea of a walk around Henley and getting to meet characters from the story seemed a fun, engaging, Covid-friendly way of retelling it, and who doesn’t love collecting chocolate eggs this time of year?!”

The Good Friday event proved extremely popular, with around 40 families turning up within the first hour. Peter Greenman said, “It’s lovely to see that people are wanting to find out more. I’m guessing after the year that we’ve had, people are really keen to do anything and get outside. It’s not quite as bright and sunny and warm as we’d like it, but people are out and it’s lovely to see a mix of families who are involved in our church regularly, and guests and friends who have come along too.”

One of the children who attended was Jemima, with her mum Nikki. Jemima said that she was excited to do the trail, and that meeting the actors was her favourite part. Nikki said, “We had done the Christmas trail and it was magical, and a lovely story. We saw online through Facebook that they were doing another one, and I think it’s important that they know the story of Jesus. We learnt it as kids, and it’s more than just eggs.”


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