Zoom Magic Conjures Up £400 for Air Ambulance

The Rotary Club of Henley Bridge were delighted to welcome magician, Steve Price to a Zoom fundraising evening on behalf of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Steve, a well known magician who has been enthralled by magic tricks since he was 8 years old and his only ambition has been to be a magician. Steve entertained more than 80 people on Zoom with an amazing array of illusions.  The evening attracted friends and relatives from far and wide from Maccelesfield to Sieve in Portugal, and of course many people from Henley and the surrounding area.

The illusions ranged from torn newspaper which magically repaired itself and became one document again, spots on a scarf which fell to the floor and then reattached themselves to the scarf, putting a knitting needle through a mirror without breaking it. Steve also showed a very old card trick known as Find the Lady or the 3 card trick. The cards he used for this trick were much larger than the usual card, but he still managed sleight of hand so that it was difficult to follow the trick, not many of the audience guessed which card had moved.

Rotary Club President Annie Lathaen said, “It was a very entertaining evening and clearly on zoom the audience are much closer to the magician making it more difficult to produce illusions. The evening raised £400.00 for the Air Ambulance based at Benson.”

If anyone would like to join the talks please phone 07769 687326 for the future programme.



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