Wishing Tree Treated to Some Love & Care

The Wishing Tree (a Sycamore from the Maple family) on Marsh Meadows which was adopted in 2017 after the late Val Stoner sought permission from Henley Town Council for people to add a ribbon and make wish has this week been cleared of all the awful rubbish which had been tied to it.

At the unveiling in 2017 Val said, “It is full of love. The Welsh make love spoons from it and guitars and violins are also made from it.  It is said to have great healing powers too with the sap said to help lung complaints, coughs and colds and in the past Measles.  Wishing Trees are found all over the world but the one we know best is at Glastonbury.  In these chaotic times, I hope that people will come and tie a ribbon and wish for the highest good.  The spirit of the tree will make your dreams come true.”

An undercover River Womble noticed that the tree was a complete mess and decided to clear it of all things that should have not been tied to it.  She told us, “I knew Val quite well and she would have been shocked to see the tree as it was. It was the anniversary of her passing a few weeks ago and I wanted to put it back to how she would have liked to have seen it.   I cut off all the plastic poo bags, tissues, wipes, faces masks which filled half a large rubbish bag.  The worst thing that had been hung to it was a pair of boxer shorts!  I’ve now added a notice asking people to only add ribbons and I’ve provided a pot of ribbons at the foot of the tree for people to help themselves.”

Residents if you see tourists tying anything that isn’t a ribbon, please point out the notice to them #letskeepourwishingtreespecial.  The River Womble told us she’ll be keeping an eye on the tree too.