Friday Street Slipway to be Restored

Following discussions between Henley Town Council and Sorbon Estates, HTC are pleased to confirm that the Friday Street slipway will now be restored.

The slipway was levelled with concrete by neighbouring landowner, Sorbon Estates, last summer as they felt it posed a safety risk to pedestrians. The planned works will involve the removal of the concrete and installation of railings by the public footpath.

Town Clerk, Sheridan Jacklin-Edward says, ‘The river is a significant part of Henley’s identity and history. Protecting access to it is all-important. We would like to recognise Sorbon Estates for resolving this situation and ensuring that this important riverside amenity is restored. In particular, we’d like to thank Michael Shanly for addressing our concerns and for his personal guarantees to instruct the necessary work.”

A spokesperson for Sorbon Estates said, “We are pleased to be working with Henley Town Council to find a satisfactory resolution to this issue, culminating in the concrete’s removal.”

  1. Joe says:

    It was never a slipway, it was a watering hole for circus animals, of course shanly has agreed to restore the “slipway” nowhere has he agreed to make the “slipway” useable by removing the pontoons blocking access. Clever man has fooled all of you

  2. John Whiting says:

    Removing the concrete infill solves part of the problem, the next hurdle to remove the pontoon bridge which blocks any access to and from the river. How did that ever get built?

  3. The Vole says:

    As Joe says – this has not been a slipway ever since the new floating moorings were installed. It is a shame that our council, the council of one of the most famous Thames towns, have such a low understanding of how boating works.

    As its now done, leave the space as it is – two more parking places for use by someone. The useless slope that was there before served no benefit.


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