Kids Have Tagging Time on Banksy Day

With Banksy claiming the recent graffiti work on the old Reading Prison building, children at Rupert House School celebrated his work with a special dedicated ‘Banksy Day’ last Friday. Head of Art, Mrs Poulter, started the day with an informative assembly providing pupils with background information about the artist, his work and some of the controversy surrounding it!

Throughout the day there were a wide variety of activities and lessons across the school which had a Banksy theme.  In Pre-Prep, Nursery children did chalk drawings on the ground; our Reception years were inspired by Banksy’s ‘Hope’ piece, and painted their own design and did chalk drawings on a wall.  In Prep, our Year 3 pupils were asked to design their own graffiti tag and then paint the results onto a brick wall within the school grounds; and our Year 6 children were asked to do Banksy inspired paintings.

The day was even embraced by in-house catering team, Thomas Franks, who prepared Banksy decorated shortbread for pudding at lunch!

The big surprise of the day was ‘Live Rat’ – a genuine piece of Banksy art which the school was kindly lent for the day. All the children were given the opportunity to view it and were very excited to have seen a true Banksy.

Mrs Poulter said of the day: “It has been an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate the work of one of Britain’s most well-known and controversial artists.  The children have had a wonderful time and the day has really helped spark their imaginations and encouraged them to try out a different form of art.”

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