Maisie’s Blossom Tree Painting Wins Lions Children’s Art Competition

The Lions Club of Henley-on-Thames painting competition titled “Picture from my Window” was won by 6 year old, Maisie Osborne who goes to Trinity School.

Maisie won a complete art set for her painting of a blossom tree using her arm, hand and fingers (below). Maisie learnt the painting technique at school then decided to paint the blossom tree in her garden and she looks at the tree from her place at the kitchen table. The family have blue tits nesting in a bird box which is attached to the trunk and they feature in her painting too.  Maisie said, “”I really enjoyed painting my tree. Thank you Henley Lions the art set is fun and colourful.”

Local artist, Sarah Pye was asked to judge the competition.  She said, “I was delighted to be asked to judge the Lions children’s painting competition.  I always feel there is never enough emphasis on art in schools these days. There are so many other things on the curriculum that are deemed more important than exploring a child’s creativity.  The Lions received lovely paintings from children in Henley and it’s always wonderful to see how children have created their art.

“I was particularly drawn to the winning painting due to the subject matter and the way it had been painted. Maisie painted a beautiful cherry blossom tree which she showed me in her garden when we went to deliver the prizes. She had used her arm and hand as the trunk and the branches and used her fingers to create the feeling of blossom on the tree. There was also a little bird box on the tree trunk and a bird flying into it. Maisie told me how she had watched the bird going in and out of the nesting box.  Judging children’s art is always a delight and I love to see their different ideas and how they see the world.  In some ways it’s difficult to choose a winner. Everybody knows art is very subjective and we are all drawn to different subjects colours and scenes. All of the paintings were lovely and all had their own specific style and merits,  but for me Maisie’s painting sang of spring time, hope and nature at her most beautiful.  It would be lovely to see even more entries next time!”

Maisie’s sister, Naomi also entered the competition with a picture of a daffodil.  Their Mum, Amy said, “The girls really enjoyed meeting the Lions and Sarah Pye for the prize giving. We realised why Sarah chose Maisie’s painting when we discussed her work! The competition was a lovely idea and both girls really enjoyed entering. We were overwhelmed with the very generous prizes they received and they have already put them to good use producing some more artwork at the weekend.”

The second and third prizes were won by 8 year old Jessica Dingle, and 6 year old Isabel Colam respectively who both received a wooden pencil case including 2 complete sets of coloured pencils.

The competition was free to enter and was open to all children in the Henley area under 10 years old. 5 other entries received “Highly Commended” certificates and a box of coloured pencils.