Online Event on COVID-19 Research in Thames Valley

An online event to learn about how health researchers and the public have been working together on COVID-19 studies in Thames Valley is taking place on Thursday 20 May May from 7-8pm to mark International Clinical Trials Day.

The event will feature discussions with a researcher, patient and research nurse who have played a role in COVID-19 research supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.

Those who wish to attend must register at Questions can be provided in advance or during the event.

More than 25 nationally prioritised COVID-19 studies have taken place in the region’s hospitals, GP surgeries and in the community, involving more than 14,000 people. Many are still ongoing.

The studies include how to better diagnose, treat and, through vaccines, prevent COVID-19. Many have changed how the NHS manages and treats COVID-19 patients.

The event will feature:

  • Dr Maheshi Ramasamy, Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford will talk about her role in the world’s first trial of an adult COVID-19 vaccine, which has since been rolled out across the world. Her current research includes whether different vaccines can be given to the same person for the first and second dose and developing a vaccine for children.
  • Neil Mead, a grandfather from Buckinghamshire, who took part in the RECOVERY drug treatment trial after being treated in intensive care with COVID-19 (see notes to editors). The University of Oxford trial found two drugs that reduce hospital deaths and ruled out four others for those patients.
  • Louise Mew, a research nurse at Milton Keynes University Hospital, who has recruited patients into COVID-19 studies at the hospital (see notes to editors), where more than 1,100 participants have taken part. The pandemic meant a radical change in working patterns for hospital research staff as cases rose.

The event will be provided via Google Meet, a video conferencing service that can be accessed via a web browser. No login is required. Device users can access the event by downloading the Google Meet app. The event will be made available after on the NIHR YouTube channel at

Register to receive information about volunteering for COVID-19 vaccine studies at

Participating in health research helps develop new treatments, improve the NHS and save lives. The NHS supports research by asking patients and healthy volunteers if they wish to take part in trials to enable participants to access new NHS treatment and care options.

Patients are encouraged to learn more about research and search for studies seeking volunteers at



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