Badgemore Park Leads the Way With Outdoor Gym Rig

Focus at Badgemore Park have made a sizeable investment into an outdoor gym rig which allows members to train in the outdoors.

Nestled away in the beautiful walled garden, the rig includes bars, a boxing bag, weights and battle ropes.  The rig has been built on a spongy astro-turf with a strip of sprint surface for speed agility work next to it.  As well as the rig, the Club has put up a large marquee top in the garden to run a full programme of outdoor fitness classes.

Jules Greenaway who was appointed the Gym Manager during the first lockdown last year said, “Jon and Di the owners of Badgemore always wanted an outdoor solution however, we have fast forwarded this because of the current situation.  Outdoor training is going be hugely popular now and for the foreseeable future.  The design has been put together by myself and the team here so we’ve all chipped in.  The designers from EXF Fitness who have designed this piece of equipment for us have come up with the plans and ideas which we all think is fantastic.  The ground work took about 2-3 weeks by our ground staff and the actual rig was put up in less than a day.

When we visited members were enjoying a Rig Circuit class with 45 sec workouts on different stations.  The dreaded station seemed to be pushing 20kg on the sled on the agility strip.

Kate who has been a member at Focus at Badgemore Park since it was refurbished in 2018.  She has enjoyed attending various different exercise classes and a PT session each week.  Kate said, “I have been a member at several gyms in Henley over the last 10 years.  I’ve always liked going to the gym and I was looking for a new facility.  This was a great offer.  I think they’ve got really good equipment, great instructors and variation of classes which is all part of the membership which I was paying for separately at my other gym.”    Kate was keen to keep her fitness levels up last year during the pandemic.  She comments, “Initially the instructors ran some online classes in the first lockdown when they paused the membership.  I then really enjoyed the Zoom classes Focus started in the second lockdown which had a full schedule of classes.  I think they have definitely offered different things as the situation changed and adapted to it.  I love the fact that the Rig Circuit class is a mixture of cardio and strength.  Some of the classes when you don’t have weights, it’s hard to motivate yourself.  With this class when you slow down, you really focus on your muscles and then speed up in between to do the cardio.  There’s no where else that has got this.  I love exercising outside.”

Another member Vicky added, “I started this class a couple of weeks ago when it started.  I love that it is outdoor, in the fresh air and it works every part of your body.  A real all round workout.  It’s brilliant and there’s nothing like it in the area.”

Jules added, “The possibilities are endless with this type of equipment.  You have so many different types of fitness solutions and different types of training methods on this.  You can do cardio, power, strength, functional, body weight exercises, boxing and astro turf to do sprint training and SAQ (speed, agility and quickness).  We also have Olympic weights for strength up to 140kg with Olympic bars.  The rig is open to gym members not just class members.  We are planning to opening it up to local community sports or fitness teams and having a link with them.  We would really like to have relationships with as many people in Henley as possible to have access to the fantastic rig that we have.  After refurbishing the gym in 2018, this was the last piece of the puzzle.”


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