Flock of Smiles Down on the Farm at St Mary’s School

It was a day with a difference for the children at St. Mary’s School on Wednesday this week, when they were surprised to find a farm in the playground at school!

The pupils were delighted to find that rabbits and guinea pigs, ducks, lambs and goats had joined them for the day.  All the children had the opportunity to feed the animals, to hold the rabbits and guinea pigs, to groom the donkey and pony, and to learn all about how they are cared for at the farm.

The visit prompted some interesting discussions amongst the children about their favourite pets, pet names and how we care for animals, through to farming methods and the food we eat. The children’s smiles summed up how much they enjoyed the day, a wonderful way of supporting their wellbeing as well as their learning.

Rob Harmer, Headmaster, St. Mary’s School said, “We were delighted to surprise our children yesterday with a visit from a local farm.  Each class took it in turns to visit the animals, ensuring the whole school had the opportunity to participate.  From Dennis the Donkey to Tim the 60 year old tortoise, our children really enjoyed this special day. One child in Year 3 told me that she had always been nervous of animals, but she overcame her fears and enjoyed feeding the lambs and stroking the rabbits.  Our pupils are used to spending time learning outside the classroom, which brings immeasurable benefits, and we are all looking forward to more of these wonderful opportunities as school life returns to normal.”

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