Want to Build Good Relationships with Your Staff? Here’s How

No one’s saying you need to become best friends with your staff, but there’s no denying that people who get along well work better together. As a boss, having a good relationship with your staff is vitally important. It will lead to more productivity, and a better atmosphere in the workplace – people will want to come to work if they’re not dreading having to face their boss. Of course, good relationships also lead to better communication, which means the whole business will run more smoothly as a result. But how do you build and maintain these relationships? And how far is too far? We’ll be discussing precisely that in this post.


Lying never works out well, especially not when it comes to business. You need your employees to feel comfortable being honest with you. If they make a mistake and they’re terrified of your reaction, they may end up lying about it or hiding it, which might make the situation worse. The best way to start gaining this type of trust is to lead by example. Share a little bit with them if you’re having trouble with a certain aspect of the business. Keep in mind, however, that trust needs to be earned. You can’t blindly trust a brand-new employee if you don’t know anything about them. However, you can do a background DBS check prior to hiring them to see if they have any previous criminal convictions. Knowing this information before you hire someone could help develop trust early on.

Team building

You want your business to operate as one functional and integrated unit. This only works when your employees form a team, and when you are also part of that team. Team building is the ideal way to step out of your role of “boss” for a while and just be a team player. Plus, it’s fun! Look at what a blast these kids had while paintballing. Now imagine how much fun you and your staff can have!

Be understanding

You don’t want your employees to fear you. This means that they need to be able to come to you with any problems (personal or work-related) that they may be having, and you need to try and help them in whatever way you can. This can be offering them some time off, helping them resolve workplace conflict, or referring them to therapy. Remember that employees aren’t just there to help your business. They are people with their own lives and feelings, so a little bit of empathy goes a long way.

Be their boss

This may seem obvious, but you need to remain their boss first and foremost. While building good relationships is important, it’s just as important to set boundaries and draw a clear line that cannot be crossed. Your employees will value you more if you are kind but firm than they would if you treated them like friends and let them get away with things. No matter how good your relationship with an employee may be, you need to discipline them if they do something wrong. It is of the utmost importance that you always remain professional.



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