Nursery Children Get a Buzz About Learning About Bees

The children at St. Mary’s Nursery enjoyed a visit from a local Beekeeper last week to mark national Bee Day.

Jemima from Henley Honey talked to the children about how she cares for her bees, and how the bees create their delicious honey using frames placed in the hive.

They had the opportunity to dress like a beekeeper, to hold the smoker used when collecting the honey, and to take the frames out of the hive using a special tool.

All the children agreed that the frames smell delicious, the smell of honey was amazing and made everyone very hungry!  As part of the children’s Minibeast work this term, they have been learning about how important bees are in supporting a healthy natural environment.

Kate Catlin, Nursery Manager: “We know that our children really benefit from the opportunity to engage in hands on learning.  They love to have the chance to pick things up and examine them, and always ask really great questions. These kinds of sensory sessions really bring their learning to life!”


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