The Bell Surgery Health Talk – Let’s Talk Covid

Wednesday 30 June
Zoom online

Long Covid (also known as Post-COVID syndrome) is the name that’s been given to the condition present in up to 10% of patients after they have recovered from the acute infection of COVID-19. The symptoms of Long Covid can be present for number of months and can often be confusing and worrying for patients, especially if the acute infections has not been severe enough to need hospitalisation. When these signs and symptoms are present for more than 12 weeks after the acute episode, we are calling them Long Covid. These symptoms can often overlap and have been known to change overtime and can affect many systems within the body.

Hear about this from a local GP and the Berkshire Long Covid Integrated Service (BLIS) for patients who are continuing to suffer from post-COVID syndrome (Long Covid). This service started in November 2020 and is being provided by a multidisciplinary team of GPs, consultants, physiotherapists and psychologists. They aim to provide an integrated assessment and management plan for patients struggling with symptoms of Long Covid.

For more information and to book your place please contact Janet Waters, PPG Chair: or call 07730 468561