Artist’s Dream of Opening Own Gallery Now a Reality

Local artist, Sarah Pye who has lived in Henley for most of her life has opened a new art gallery and picture framing shop, Artistry on the Reading Road last Friday.

Sarah said, “In the beginning was an idea and a dream… I have lived in Henley for 47 years now and regardless of how the time goes by and where else I visit, Henley will always be my hometown and a place I love unconditionally.  When I first started to paint for a living about 15 years ago, a little tiny part of me always thought how amazing it would be to have my own gallery, not just to show my own work, but because we are surrounded by the most incredible community of Creative’s. We are everywhere, but it’s not always easy to find places to exhibit in the public eye. Over the years of my creative evolution, I have exhibited in many shows, art galleries and art trails, not to mention little cafés and similar wonderful places that gave me an opportunity to display my art, when I was only just starting out on my artistic adventure.”

Artistry will not only exhibit Sarah’s unique droplet paintings of nature, but will be showcasing paintings by Julie Adlard, Penny Rees, Clare Butchta, Howard Birchmore, Liz Chaderton, Kate Findlay, Maria Meerstadt, sculpture from Dawn Conn, ceramics from Alison Pink and Caroline Gatfield, jewellery from Wendy Penrose and Rosemary Harper.  The shop consists of a front room which is the main gallery and a little room behind offering a bespoke picture framing service.

Opening a shop in these times is a challenge, Sarah however explains, “Over the last few years, the desire to have my own gallery and be able to exhibit not only my work, but the type of work I love by other artists came to a head. I decided that now was my time, I was at a stage in my artistic development and also the place in life that I needed to be in. I decided it was now or never and I knew that if I didn’t give it my best shot, I would always regret not trying.”

“With the unstinting support of my lovely other half, who only ever encourages me in my mad ideas and adventures and the timely appearance of a small premises, in a perfect location on the Reading Road, situated between two delicious restaurants, Shellfish Cow and Al Forno. There is frequently a stream of traffic idling and maybe looking around for something to ease their boredom.”

Kevin Woods will offer the picture framing service.  Sarah comments, “Kevin is a local framer and highly skilled at his profession.  He can frame everything from a simple watercolour to a prized signed rugby shirt.”

Sarah adds, “I have started with a wonderful bunch of lovely artists with eclectic styles and all so very skilled in their unique individual way. We welcome people to come in to just browse and enjoy the art and should they find a special something ,then that is great too.  We hope to offer people an exciting and varied collection of work that will change over time and bring you exciting things to enliven, and brighten up your home, whether it’s a painting to remind you of a beachside holiday or just something that makes your heart sing when you see it. We will also be taking part in the local Arts Trail and hopefully other events that arise in the town over the coming years.””

The shop will be open from Tuesday through to Saturday from 10.00-5.00pm.


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