New Twist on Alice in Wonderland Teen Book Set in Henley

Local children’s author, Robin Bennett has set his latest teenage book, Buk, a modern reimaging of an Alice in Wonderland story, in Henley-on-Thames.

Robin said, “I love what the press sometimes call magic realism and have wanted to write something in the genre for a while now. The idea actually came to me having
lunch in Falaise Square one day and it is really my take on the Alice story. It’s about growing up and accepting the world for what it really is but it is also about how we
lose the alchemy of imagination – the blending of reality and fantasy – a neat trick that all children seem to have leaves many of us in our teens.”

The story is about thirteen-year-old Nancy and deals with themes of family, friendship and self-knowledge guided by the mysterious Buk. Nancy’s mother is having a baby and it is making her ill; Nancy’s father is angry with her mother because they can’t afford the baby; Nancy … well Nancy is angry with pretty much everyone. Then she starts to see things …things that should only happen in fairytales. Is Buk a sign she is going mad or is he there to save her?

Robin adds, “The book may particularly appeal to teenage girls in terms of relatability, but the story is an intelligent, folklore-ish adventure that older readers will also enjoy. It’s also a good one for any teen that wants a break from dystopia and high fantasy, but doesn’t want to read high-school stories, as it sits within the realm of magic realism.”

The book is out on 15 June and is priced £5.99 available via monsterbooks


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